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Move around the maze with the directional keys and collect all the pills to finish the level. Avoid enemies and pick up powerups. Grabbing several powerups of the same type will level them up. Basically, Rainbogeddon is all about putting bombs in maze with pixel munching and power up.

  Destroy the enemies to increase the value of the pills. As the enemies respawn, the value will decrease again so try to keep destroying evemies for a higher score
  Bubble powerup: create a force shield that enemies and bullets cannot pass through by pressing the action button. Powerup the bubble to make it larger
  Teleport powerup: drop a teleporter with the action button. Press the action button again anywhere in the maze and you will teleport back to where you placed it
  Drill powerup: press the action button to drill through a wall in front of you or a wall next to you using a directional button, powering up the drill makes it faster
  Tail powerup: you gain a solid tail that enemies cannot pass through. Press the action button yo drop a segment of your tail. Pwering up the tail makes it longer
  Bomb powerup: press the action button to ay a bomb. Use it to blow up walls or enemies. Power up the bombs to get a bigger blast radius!
  Bullet powerup: press the action button to fire. Bullets can destroy both enemies and walls. Power up the bullets for larger, more powerful bullets
  Heart powerup: the heart powerup gives you one extra hit. In addition, each time you upgrade it, you will become faster  

 Game controls:
- Player1: W,A,S,D to move
                 Q to put bombs
- Player2: Arrow keys to move
                 Space to put bombs

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