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Click 'Allow' to play Loot Heroes!
Click the Lock icon and change Block to Allow to play Loot Heroes.
1. Click the i or lock-icon top left in the Chrome address bar.
2. In the Flash dropdown, select 'Allow'
3. Refresh the page.
Click 'Always allow' to play Loot Heroes!
If you don't see the Flash option above, you can still enable Flash as follows:
  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. Change Block (default) to Allow in the Flash section
  3. Reload the page

This game is using Flash! After the 31st of July 2019, your internet browser might start blocking Flash, especially if you use Google Chrome. This means you'll have to activate it to play this game.

Loot Heroes
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Loot Heroes

Loot Heroes

Choose one character among four different ones to start Loot Heroes game. Some characters can be unlocked when you reach a specific level. There are boxes with bonus objects which you can add to improve personal ability. You can unlock them only after you kill all the enemies. Click at items on the right bottom to view your status. At the beginning of the game, you can choose to complete the task to get rewards or skip it to start the game. The first one will be killing 10 rebel Lords Of Hell, one by one. One per each level and you will be rewarded.
  Here are some characters that are available at the beginning: 

  • Orc: 
    Battle cry: stuns all nearby enemies for a few seconds 
    +15% chance to stun an enemy on attack. Deals double damage to stunned enemies
  • The stein:
    Regen: regenerates 48% HP in 4 seconds, +50% critrate while regenerates HP
    +28% damage at high HP, -50% damage at low HP, no natural SP recovery, restore 5SP per each hit
  • Plago:
    Fire splash: burn enemies around you and push them back
    Hunger: deal up to +20% damage on low SP

  Here are characters that need to be unlocked:

  • Unknown 1: kill 200 enemies to unlock
  • Unknown 2: kill 100 enemies to unlock
  • Unknown 3: get to level 5 to unlock
  • Unknown 4: complete the game to unlock

Game controls:
Mouse: Move and attack
Space bar: Use skills
Z: Health potion
X: Mana portion

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