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Drunken Boxing: Ultimate
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Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

The ultimate installment of the Drunken Boxing series has finally arrived. Arenas that feature a 3D atmosphere have been introduced to the game, along with better physics and special hits. Move toward your opponent while maintaining your balance, and punch him or her to the left and the right. You have the ability to hurl vomit at your opponent after the Special Hit bar is completely filled. Simply wait until the appropriate time and distance, then tap the button designated for your spectacular hit! Be careful not to drop your Energy Bar, too! If you deplete all of your available energy, it will take you some time to go back to normal.

Player 1: Move: UP / DOWN ARROWS; Punches: LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS; Special Hit: L
Player 2: Move: W,S; Punches: A,D; Special Hit: G


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