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Crazy Zombie 9 Unlocked
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Crazy Zombie 9 Unlocked

Crazy Zombie 9 Unlocked

Welcome back with Crazy Zombie 9 Unlocked!!!Choose your favorite character which comes from the cartoon movies or the animes you have watched and kill all the monsters you see in sight, after several stages, you will face the big boss. Each character will have different fighting skills, you should try all of them to find out the strongest one. Use your flexible skills to knock them down. There are so many types of monsters so you may want to combine with your friend to end battle faster in 2-player mode. Players can also change some features in options such as: Quality (high, medium,low), Smooth (on and off), Shadow (show or hide), HP Bar (show or hide), Sound (on and off) and Control (Default or Custom). Have fun!

Game controls: In the Default control of the Options

  - Player 1: 
Move: W,A,S,D
Move fash: U
Punch: J
Jump: K
Crouch: L
Accumulate for special power: O
Special power: I
  - Player 2:
Move: Arrow keys
Punch: 1
Jump: 2
Crouch: 3
Move fash: 4

Accumulate for special power: 6
Special power: 5

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