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Bob The Robber 2

Bob The Robber 2

Finally Bob can relax and read the newspaper. But waht is it? The city in danger again? This looks like another job for our hero. If you see the title of the game and think Bob is a criminal then you are wrong. In Bob The Robber series, Bob is a hero who is trying to save the city from the villains. And in this second version, the robber has to protect the city from the zombies. Your mission is to sneak into buildings, avoid cameras, pick locks, take out guards and watch out for Zombies! Good luck!

  •  Standing in the shadow without moving, Bob becomes invisible to all cameras and the guards. Try to get pass those cameras
  • Some doors may have a code lock. Press up arrow key near the console and use the "0-9" keys to unlock the door
  • Laser gratings will activate an alarm. To switch them off, you need to cut the right wire in the electrical control unit
  • To eliminate the training robot, press Space bar to hit with your bat

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